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The week: in short, it's all about Turkey

I'm in full-blown T-day preparation mode, so my plans for the week are revolving around Thursday and kind of fall off in detail afterwards. I'll probably switch to my other blog for the day by day (and eventually minute by minute) T-day countdown so's I don't bore see a sudden drop-off in my "mutual friends" list. Anyway, Thanksgiving is off to a good start, thanks to the work I got done this weekend: all guests have been contacted and confirmed (12 folks! - maybe I should get an additional card table?), a crack squad of dishwashers has been assembled, my Ultimate To-Do list has been assembled, and I've got all of the recipes that I personally am responsible for picked and dug up.

Today: take cat to vet, set up with dentists, write level 1 test plan, go to Pilates class at 7, somehow plow through all the grocery shopping afterwards.
Tuesday: get cheddar herb biscuit to Nick, get black walnuts (for homemade ice cream!) to my brother - oh yeah, and go to Japanese class. Afterwards, make chocolate pecan pie and cranberry ginger chutney, and start the vacuuming.
Wednesday: leave work early. Pick up turkey. Dinner or game or drinking with brother and sister-in-law, then make the stuffings (three meat 1789 "heart-stopper" and vegetarian - cornbread with apricot and mint). Get plates pulled out.
Thursday: mad chaos reigns. The evening will end with people gaming at my house.
Friday: whew. Day off work. Movie? We've been invited to a party ...
Saturday: I don't know, more movies? Dinner in Redmond?
Sunday: help corvuscrx and butterflake move.
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