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T-day minus 22 hrs

Yeah, I think having irrationalrobot take me out and get me drunk was a great way to "get things cooking" for tomorrow. Atlantic Crossing isn't really an English pub, but they had Strongbow on tap and I'm willing to forgive them almost everything for that.

Back home now, I have the candied ginger I needed last night and Mr. Me is off getting the turkey from the store, along with some garbage bags, sponges, and soap. I'm ready to plunge into stuffing making, whch will take up the rest of the night, though my fantasy brain wishes I could see a movie instead or play some strategy games. We all have our dreams, I suppose. Mine tend to revolve around being lazy.

Received extremely nice little notes from ergotia and runningnekkid today, so even though half the input I've been getting lately makes me think I'm a wretched rat, I got a great lift from hearing from them. There must be something right if people I like so much like me, too. I'm going to allow my rollercoaster of emotions to go UP on their dime and relish it. Mmm, nothing but blue sky and my heart in my throat ... life is good.
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