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Nothing like drinking sake after Japanese class

I met up with butterbee after my Japanese class, and somehow wound up telling her and shadowdaddy (who, of course, picked me up) all about Japanese adjective conjugation. This is interesting because rather than going off the modified word, like real languages, the two main forms of Japanese adjectives are conjugated depending on their tense and positive/negative state (and probably some other ways, too, but I can't say for sure as this is only a Japanese 101 class). Then I further bored them by telling them about my great idea for doing a little comic book of Little Black Riding Hood (the Goth version of the classic tale), and got some ideas bounced off of me for how to end it (Bee said, since Grandma was a witch, she should be the wolf, which I thought was very cool).

We followed this up by meeting Mr. Bee at Aoki on Broadway, where the three freaks ate raw stuff and I had a nice sensible dish of cooked chicken over rice, all topped off with tiny cup after tiny cup of sake. Yep. And now I'm home, and I'm supposed to study some more, and all I want to do is lay on the couch and make shadowdaddy laugh by reading to him out of the personality book, which is what he's been doing to me for the last hour. So of course instead I'm on the CrackJournal, but I will, I swear to God, be writing me up some hiragana in just two more minutes, as soon as I post this and then read it and laugh at what a silly person I am.

With luck, a picture will be posted tomorrow showing me eating butterbee's ginger ice cream with my chopsticks.
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