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I'm very happy to announce that tomorrow is the last test in my Japanese class

27 out of some 46 katakana characters possibly remembered well enough to be spit back out tomorrow; a full third of the sentences I am supposed to be able to provide in response to her questions don't seem to have been actually written down in class, resulting in the loss of critical particle words (leading to such test failing phrases as "What time is it?" "It is three clock." "Who went with you?" "She went me."), doubtlessly because I was trying to hard to write fast enough to keep up with her that I missed the answers to the questions the first time around. As for the infamous "adjective conjugation," I am going to really have to crank that crap out on the bus and over lunch tomorrow and during the half hour I have to steal at some point during the day. It's nice to think the oral presentations we'll be doing are a quarter of our grade; I'm going to have a lot of points I need to make up. And I really need to take a shower tonight, but right now it just seems like a big bother.

Oh yeah, then at 9 PM tomorrow we're going to see Il Posto at the Grand Illusion (hopefully with butterbee. "The tale of young man who ventures to the big city in search of employment and finds himself on the bottom rung of the bureaucratic ladder in a huge, faceless company" - not to be confused with Office Space. Join us if you'd like.
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