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A girl called party. Party girl.

We actually made tremendous progress in the garden today ... about one more hour and it will all be done and I can cover it all with a layer of mulch and make patterns in the dark dirt with all the sand dollars I brought back from Long Beach this summer. We wrapped up just in time to head out to the 5 PM Napoleon Dynamite at the Crest. From the enthusiastic response of the audience (including the girls sitting behind us who were reciting dialogue), this movie has clearly struck a chord with some people. I found it wretchedly banal - a humorous contrast with the equally "nothing going on here" movie Il Posto we saw Thursday that benefited from much better acting, dialogue, and characters. Anyway, so we walked out after about an hour (life is too short to waste on such dreck) and I caught some sleep on the way back into Seattle proper.

After dinner at The Old Szechuan (my hot tastebuds have apparently grown weak over the last month), we went to the medieval concert at Town Hall. While it was pretty to listen to, it was just a little too ... relaxing. I could focus on the cool use of English in the middle English songs (which had words clearly drawn from German and French, and occasional weird Latin church things thrown in), but I really am pretty much done with Latin songs. I even got kind of aggravated with the anti-woman message of the songs. I mean, come on, they were Christmas songs, but all of the "We worship the father and the son!" crap got on my nerves, and the "Mary, Mary, such a fucking doormat, we love you so much. Yay Virgins!" just ... rubbed me the wrong way. Women? You are useless, other than to be obedient, and then you only really rate if you can have a baby fathered by God.

Um, yeah. Then we went to a birthday party for my friend Eileen up in Wedgewood, which benefitted from good food but not enough people we knew, so we ate our fill then went home. Tomorrow will be Wash Rinse and Repeat, with a trip to the Frye. Maybe I can snag butterbee to go with us.
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