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Intelligent look at Chicago

Before I start my rant, I did get to read a great story in the Seattle Times yesterday about slaves suing their masters back in the early 1800s. It was uplifting, a real day brightener, at least if you can start off from the point of accepting that you live in a nation that once accepted slavery as a way of life. You can avoid it and read about Japanese plays instead. I wish someone would do one of those for the Seattle Fringe fest, but I guess it's too much work.

Ooh, someone linked the press conference from Chicago to the sycophantic parody that was the pre-war Bush press conference. About damn time! And look, someone else has noticed that Colin Powell has lost his legitimacy. That's been a real shame, I wonder why he caved? And Worthy Opponent told me last night that someone in Indonesia said the UN should slap sanctions on the US. Wouldn't I just love that! And the US saying Iraq needs to follow Geneva conventions on the treatment of prisoners of war? What, just like we do with the people in Camp Xray?

British reporter Terry Lloyd was killed by friendly fire. Is that part of the plan to bomb journalists that British reporter wrote about? I hear that the whole war is now turning into a battle for the Euro vs. the Dollar. I can believe that.

And I had to say that this war was planned before 9/11 ever happened ... before Bush was even "elected." Just in case you were wondering.

For trash news? How about a little something about Roman Polanski?

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