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Poem by Lorca from the concert tonight

I've never put in poetry in here before, but I liked this poem a lot. Also, I tweaked the translation a little - well, actually, a lot. It was fun. In my secret life I am an archaeologist who does poetry translations in my tent when it rains, and in the off season I live in my London pied a terre and write theater reviews for some smallish newspaper.

"La Luna Asoma" (The Moon Ascends)

When the moon rises/ Cuando sale la luna
The bells are lost/ se pierden las campanas
And footpaths appear, y aparecen las sendas
Unpassable. impenetrables.

When the moon rises/ Cuando sale la luna
The sea spreads across the earth/ el mar cubre la tierra
And my heart feels itself/ y el corazon se siente
An island, in the endless. isla en el infinito.

No one eats oranges/ Nadie come naranjas
Under the full moon. bajo la luna llena.
It's essential to eat Es preciso comer
fruits green and cold. fruta verde y helada.

When the moon rises/ Cuando sale la luna
With its hundred mirrored faces/ de cien rostros iguales,
Inside of pockets/ la moneda de plata
Silver coins are sobbing. solloza en el bosillo.
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