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Every day is like Monday, especially Mondays

THE SCENE: A bus stop on the Rainier/I-90 overpass. The road is wet, the floor of the bus stop is wet, the bench in the bus stop has puddles on it, and rain is blowing in the north-facing open side of the bus stop.

TURN TO: the ramp leading up to the bus stop. Our heroine is racing up the slick cement walkway from the street below to catch her bus.
SHOT OF: said bus stop (as if seen from the ramp), with the tail end of a bus labeled "554" just pulling away.

Our Heroine: Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!

FILL WITH: montage of actor attempting to hide from the rain for the thirty minutes it takes the next bus to arrive, but without being able to put down the large tote bag on her shoulder or find a place where her newspaper is not getting drops of rain hurled on it. Add a few shots of hacking cough, stamping of feet on the ground, readjustments of coat, etc. Use Morrisey's "Every Day is Like Monday" as background music.
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