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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

London Schedule, take one

I am still trying to get details to fill in my schedule while I'm in London, but this is how things are looking so far. Believe it or not, I HATE doing this kind of scheduling - I like to be flexible and spur-of-the-moment, especially insofar as that enables me to say, "But it's a lovely day and I don't want to sit inside" or "I'm really not feeling social today, how about something quiet?" But some things must be figured out in advance or I'll find myself sitting in a park with my suitcase, wondering Why Wasn't I Better Organized? Almost everything is up in the air, although tickets for HDM pt 2 are bought and reddragdiva has confimed the dates I have for a visit are okay.

Dec 30 Thursday: Arrive, find my way to reddragdiva and redcountess's Pad Du Swank.
Dec 31 Friday: 2:30 matinee of Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake, evening party in Streatham
Jan 1 Saturday: wake up on the carpet of one of the two apartments. Drink water and shuffle around. Try to imagine how to spend the evening. Push someone off of the couch and fall back asleep.
Jan 2 Sunday: day, free. Evening, make brilliant dinner at reddragdiva's flat.
Jan 3 Monday: decamp from Swank Pad #1, depart to location TBA. Hope the goddess will smile upon me at provide tickets for the 2 PM matinee of His Dark Materials Part One.
Jan 4 Tuesday (?, not confirmed): teach wechsler and valkyriekaren how to play Puerto Rico, spreading a meme in person.
Jan 5 Wednesday: cook dinner for the Fab Four (plus two ... currently thinking veggie gumbo or some such hearty winter item - farroto?)
Jan 6 Thursday: 7:15 HDM Part 2 (tickets bought!)
Jan 7 -Sunday Jan 9: Open to suggestions.
Jan 10 Monday: return to Seattle. Crying is not allowed.
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