Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Paternal madness day one has ended

This afternoon was spent playing catch and release with dollar bills. I'd find them hiding in my pocket or in my purse, then send them wafting off to God-knows-where in company of some deserving artist or craftsman. I handed over a few to Sparkle Pretty, the world's sexiest donut maker ("Shine on, bright star," he told me as I walked off with a bag of cinnamon-sugar minis after flirting him into a donut-dropping flutter), and more than a handful to the Circus Contraption band (who were playing at the Pike Place Market, and to whom I listened while I ate my hot donuts). I did a nice job of getting less for me and more for other folks (if you enjoy taking baths you may have a present coming your way), so it was a successful outing and the company of the estimable butterbee and shadowdaddy made the whole day most enjoyable (except for the wretched waitress at the Crocodile, whom I had to beg just to get a slice of toast and whose back I had to go behind to get jam. In after the kitchen closed my ASS!).

Er, yeah, home to nap, then it was time for making chicken and dumplings. I tried a new recipe this time, one that involved sprinkling tapioca pearls into the cookpot while the dumplings were boiling. This was, of course, an accident, and I think I fished most of them out, though enough fell into the bowl of dumpling batter that I just decided to call it a lost cause. My brother, his wife, and Papa made it over around 7:30, and the food went over well. We spent the rest of the evening playing Ticket to Ride, which everyone seemed to enjoy. shadowdaddy won, as my brother's smooth move of blocking the easy route to Santa Fe cost me five trains and ultimately the game. Tomorrow I think we'll be going to see The House of Flying Daggers. 7 PM at the Cinerama ... I'll be there!
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