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Seeing red

I was driving to work today, when I saw some pro-war demonstators waving flags from an overpass (two overpasses). I flipped them off, but then I briefly thought about driving off the ramp and arguing with them about why they are proud of troops who are engaged in mass slaughter against an underwhelming opposition. (I am reminded of the Nazi pilot talking about how beautiful were the patterns made by a bomb dropped in the middle of the Ethiopian horse cavalry.) I wanted to know if they knew they were being duped by Clear Channel communications. And then I fantasized about just running them over. It was like a wash of blood had just fallen over my eyes. Then I noticed my back was getting really tense. So I turned on the radio to try to relax and caught an ad (on KJR? I don't know the stations out here) saying,"In times of war [cut to Shrub] ... 'We are fighting to liberate the Iraqi people' ... we're taking breaks to make sure you stay informed ...[cut to some soldier talking about their uniform] ... We want to make sure that you know [something, I forget, cut to Bush again] ... 'God Bless America.' " I just wanted to hurl. I feel like the one sane person surrounded by madness. Do they really think there's an Iraq/Al Qaeda link? So much about getting nostalgic on my last drive to Bothell.

The board meeting went fine last night, which is my way of saying it was short, only two hours long. I was late getting there because I had stopped by Broadway on the way home to pick up some chocolates at Dilettante for my boss's birthday, and decided to find a copy of the soundtrack to Chicago while I was in the neighborhood.

Rather than going to the Sea Wolf for Karaoke, I went to Mesob for Mah Jong ... and to my delight, they (Matt, Cathy, and shadowdaddy were actually one short. I indulged and got some non-spicy lamb tibes and had a right good night.

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