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Inching forward today. Practicing stress management.

It was a trial to get out of the house today, much like it was a trial getting out of bed, and it took the pushing of friends virtual and physical (if over phone lines) to accomplish it. I even managed to wiggle out of any kind of breakfast get together, though, which kept me from having to get to my brother's house until noon. There, after my dad went outside for a smoke, I got to see my sister-in-law, whom I like quite a bit, melt into tears. She's stressed out, too, and somehow reaching out to comfort her helped me feel better. It was also validating to see that I'm not the only one feeling this way.

I decided to scuttle all plans for the day in favor of maximizing stress reduction for both of us. There was to be no movie, there was to be no trip to the Science Fiction museum, we didn't need to see the Christmas ships, the only thing we had to do was have dinner and everything else would be on a TBA basis. irrationalrobot and I then headed north to Lynnwood, where we spent a couple of hours shopping (I was helping him pick stuff out for her, which was a blast for me).

Sadly, this wore me out (too many lines, horrible traffic, excess of consumer goods to choose from). But I had no schedule to worry about anymore, so after liberating Mr. webcowgirl from his office I took a trip to Slumberland. Mmm, baby! I probably got a good hour in on the couch - every time I woke up, I said, "Eh, what's the rush?" and went back to sleep. It was niiiice.

Afterwards we went downtown and had a tremendously productive hour - I rejoined the Y (starting in January), got special office supplies, got one last present for my sister-in-law, hit the bank, and had gelato. All of this and we still had time for pints (Spire Apple Cider and Jolly Roger, with extra one-on-one time on top) at the Comet before meeting the crewe at the Old Sichuan. Afterwards we really and truly skipped the Christmas Ships in favor of coming to my house, where I made everyone hot chocolate (with cinnamon and whipped cream on top, and not the stuff you just add water too, thankyewverrahmuch) and we watched Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeeer like I had been wanting to last night. Everyone seems cheerier, and I feel myself pulling into the home stretch on this visit. Yay!

My plans for the next three days:
Tomorrow: maybe {breakfast/shopping/SF museum/movie - "Incredibles" or "Phantom of the Opera" - just to pump up my numbers}, then wrap presents and run over to my brother's house around 6:30 for dinner.
Saturday: dad to airport in early AM. Movie ("A Very Long Engagement") in the afternoon, guests (TBA) over for games in the evening.
Sunday: see 4:45 Vera Drake at the Crest (this will get my total for the year to 51 :-) ), then visit with corvuscrx and butterflake.
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