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End of the year film confusion

Somehow in the flurry of new arsty movie releases, I managed to confuse The Life Aquatic and The Sea Inside. I was really excited about seeing a film about a paraplegic fighting for the right to die starring Bill Murray (newly blessed as a serious actor after Lost in Translation) that included dazzling musical numbers (as promised by andthenbuyfood). Wow, I thought, this film is really going to be something else. I can only imagine my surprise as I sat through all of TSI, waiting for the song-and-dance routine, or nervously anticipating Bill's fall and ultimate paralysis in TLA. Hmmmm ... maybe it would have been better if I hadn't got them sorted out during the very long previews before A Very Long Engagement (#50!)- the experience of either film surely would have been improved by my confusion.

Tomorrow will be Vera Drake and Monday I will find time for Bad Education (mrrrowr!). Now, pot roast and Tigris and Euphrates ... double yum!
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