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First day at V*** - how could I forget my tea cup?

I'm at my computer, finishing my chocolate chip cookie from Soup Daddy. I've spent the morning getting oriented, and it's clear that QA is going to be a whole new ball game here for me. The weird part is going to be having the head of development hovering over me for the next couple of days, which he kind of has to do since the QA guy has been gone for a month and someone needs to show me what's going on here.

Last night motomotoyama and I went to the Medgar Evers pool for 7 PM water aerobics. (Quote: I don't look good in this suit. Response: And that's why were here, isn't it?) I didn't raise as much of a sweat as I would have liked, and I also unfortunately got way more strain on my knee than I wanted. I guess I need to be going to the MW 6 PM class. And with any luck, we'll be taking the Experimental College flamenco class soon. Add that to the walks I'll be taking to work, and I'll be a much nicer looking Web Cowgirl soon - more muscle and a nice layer of Soup Daddy fat!

It's off to the Doctor for me ... let's hope I don't have an, um, serious problem.

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