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Since I had a hard time falling asleep last night: silliness for all.

First, a big time-suck for those who love cats, or like to laugh at them.
Second, Hello, Cthulu!, nicked from bootpunk. Need I say more?*
Third, I once again dreamed about my boyfriend, Owen Wilson. We lived in Alaska together and he briefly had transparent skin, a la "The Visible Man." Plus he saved me from my wicked boss from the Coffee Plantation (where I worked some 12 years ago!).
Fourth: I was emailed Fröhliche Weihnachten greetings from the BrettSpieleWelt folks, which is like getting a card from your crack dealer if you know how I feel about their website (must ... stay ... away ...).

Today at 1:30 I'm off to get my hair done, by which time I hope to 1) have my review done at work 2) have approved the build we're supposed to be getting today. Tonight: packing! (And yes you clove freaks, I now have my - and shadowdaddy's - limit in Gudang Garams and Djarum Blacks. They're pretty cheap when you buy them by the carton!)

*Well, yes, Cthulu fans, for there is also "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Fish-Men" and "Carol of the Old Ones" for us to deal with (kiped from vampwillow). Combined with Penny Arcade and the slippers my brother got as a present (see the look of terror as the old ones devour his soul?), it's clear that Cthulu for Christmas is no passing fad.
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