Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Holy Jesus. It's the end of the New Year's Party to End All Time

Er, yeah, it was a bad sign when I realized the birds were singing outside, then an even worse one when I realized the sun was shining in through the windows. Yeah, sure, my secret plan had been to go easy on the drinks and then surf my jet lag until sunlight or so (or as long as I was having fun), but it was particularly sad when I only got one hour of sleep in after said sunrise and found I was unable to sleep any more (someone was snoring, I was on the floor, conditions were just sub optimal and my being a light sleeper totally bit me on the ass). So at 10 AM or so I went downstairs, figuring it would either be quieter or there would be some fun people to talk to ... and it was not quieter. ergotia, hieroglyphe, and countess_sophia and others LJ names TBA were still yacking it up (not literally, thank God), and lilithmagna was even kind enough to make me some cheese on toast. It was a lot like "Summer in Hell" - "But, when I saw all the celebrities and fun people, I said, "Hey, not bad!"

At any rate, I got a few hours of sleep finally, and while I'm not hung over I feel like my ass has been kicked seven ways to Sunday just from the exhaustion. I'm glad I made absolutely zero plans for today, because that's been exactly what I've accomplished other than making folks poached eggs on crumpets at about 2 PM. Now I'm going to figure out who all I met (re: LJ names) and start adding some new folks to my friends list. Just to mention ... I had a lovely time and met a ton of lovely people and it was the BEST NEW YEAR'S EVER!!!
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