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His Dark Materials Part 1: Seen!

So ... we did get our tickets for His Dark Materials pt 1 and made it to the 2 PM show today! Hip hurray, only £10 per seat and the view was great. I was reminded of what a great book it is ... dealing with crazy questions (well, seemingly crazy given that it was a kids' book) about the nature of good and evil, about the power of the church, about justifying evil deeds as "for the greater good" ... I was especially blown away to be reminded that, in some senses, Pullman says that the church wants people to be kept in ignorance of the pleasures that are available to adults - in essence, sex - and then it would like nothing more than to keep people from ever being able to truly become adults and to start questioning what they are told.</i> The production values were really great and the show was packed to the rafters ... but I feel pretty confident that this show is never really going to get done in America. After all, the sympathetic characters say that God is the source of evil, and our hero is going to kill him ... not exactly a message America is ready for, I think, especially not if presented as children's theater. I was very sad to say that the clarity of the message of this play actually made me afraid ... which, as Jason says, means that the terrorists have already won. Afterwards we delivered the Hot Goods (Mountain Dew) to vampwillow and chatted like mad about the various things we need to consider if we're going to move here.

The bad news about today is that this was, in fact, all that we did, as, after we stayed up with itsjustaname until 2 AM (first at the pub, then at the flat, drinking and playing Hunters and Gatherers and laughing so hard that we got the grumpy downstairs neighbor on our asses), for some reason shadowdaddy was The Bedmate From Hell and couldn't sleep after 5:30 AM. The good news was that he was more than ready to leave the flat at 8 AM to go get the tickets; the bad news is that he was keeping me up, too. Fortunately I got a few hours in after he left, but this meant that we didn't leave the flat until 1 (again) and that meant no museums or shows. The good news is that I have learned an important lesson, and just because I have Nothing Going On Tonight I am NOT feeling like putting a call out to hang out with people ... we are going to rest tonight so that we can do more tomorrow.

Er, yeah, and if you care about what we did yesterday PM, it was basically a little shopping at Shillibeers (where I found vampwillow and bought a little something and saw a bunch of stuff I couldn't afford, am actively looking for a sugardaddy) followed by some shopping in Camden (tried on fancy boots I can't afford and did luck upon a £3 hat/glove/muffler set, much needed). Tomorrow we will do touristy things like the our lives depend on it (London History museum is planned, not sure exactly what else we'll do, though Greenwich is a possibility), then go to wechsler and valkyriekaren's for dinner and Puerto Rico. It should be a fun day and evening, and I'm really looking forward to feeling much more awake ALL of tomorrow than I was today.
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