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Quotes from Dr. Johnson

I've been reminded a lot lately of the quote from Dr. Johnson (as countess_sophia reminded me when I called her yesterday) - "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life." We've actually become worn down with museums and the current theatrical offerings and moved on to the important business: Living Life. This has involved dining with friends, shopping, pubbing, and (today) gaming at Second Saturday. We've been way too busy to even spare an hour to get online, and the only reason we're here now is because the internet cafe was next to the gaming place (where we met up with valkyriekaren and wechsler) and we have a bit of time before we go out to Subversion tonight (am hoping very much to somehow get ahold of itsjustaname to come out with us but will be asking much too late for reasonable people).

Er, lessee. Brief catch-up so I don't have to write it all when I get home:
Thursday: slept incredibly late, then went to the National Portrait Gallery and saw the Watts exhibit there. Met up with wechsler, then all caught up with reddragdiva for the Distribution of American Goodies. shadowdaddy, wechsler, and I then went to see His Dark Materials pt. 2, which I found ... not as good as the shows we saw here last summer. Company was stellar, though.
Friday: decided at last moment to go to Greenwich, where I unsurprisingly located both a games and a chocolate shop. Made purchases at both (also unsurprising). Went to observatory for a few hours, then had the unparalleled delight of walking under the river on a pedestrian path made around the turn of the (last) century. Returned to London proper and did part of the "shopping walk" described by Rick Steves, coming away only slightly damaged (Fortnam & Masons seriously overprices their tea, and I would know; Clarks makes much better shoes for sale in this market, which I will be happy to prove upon my return; the TopShop did not carry the items I was expecting - they're kind of a better Urban Outfitters - but still seduced me with their wares). I became convinced that Londoners shop like muthafuckas, because the streets and the stores were packed in a way I never see in the States. Home for brief nap (had slept like crap the night before - again), then off to meet ciphergoth, lilithmagna, kitty_goth, trishpiglet, babysimon, julietk, and the one person whose LJ name is (TBA) at "Shish," then went to a nearby pub and home by 12:30.
Today: shopping in Camden (lordy, did they have the goods there!), then a game of Puerto Rico, and now we're going back to the flat and getting ready to go out for the night with "the gang!"

This will probably be my last update for the trip, so see you all Tuesday, and I promise that I'll have plenty to think (and write) about when I come back.
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