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How exciting! (Geek out of day)

There's going to be some real, honest-to-God Kabuki performances in Seattle! Yay! I can't believe I have to wait until June to see it, though!

Er, yeah, otherwise very busy at work today - down from 600 emails in my inbox to 400 or so, and am busy tutoring "the new guy" (who is also my new office mate after almost six months of having my room to myself). It's sunny, if (literally) freezing outside, so I think I'm going to take a walk around and try to help reset my internal clock to local time. I also really, really, really need to finish my review today. And I'm hungry. And I think I'm getting punchy. And I finished Cannery Row on the bus this AM - a great start to my reading for the year. Hope I finish a few more this year - last was baaaad, only 20 books total!

Net take-backs from London: one skirt, two dresses, one halter top, one "Knowledge is Power" t-shirt (skipped the "Good Girls Go to Heaven, Bad Girls Go to London" and "I'm not a bitch, I'm The Bitch, and that's Miss Bitch to you" options, though am now regretting same), one pair impractical shoes, two books on His Dark Materials, one pair red/black wristlets, two bags of tea, several pairs of knee socks and stockings, various giftees bought as inspiration hit, one (only one) new game, one heavy load of Missing You (pl).

Net "waiting for me" upon return: seven catalogs, five credit card offers, four phone messages from people who didn't remember when I was coming home, four bills, three party invitations, one paycheck :-) , one happy butterbee, and one huge mess I made while packing. No calling birds or french hens, but if I keep digging through the basement they just might show up.
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