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The Dandelion Wars Continue

It's been a super nice relaxed Sunday. We got up at around 10, made pancakes, then launched into our housework: me, weeding, him, drummeling the tile in the shower. It was balmy outside again and I was really enjoying being outside, and it seems I didn't get burned, which is good. We knocked off around 3 for lunch, after which I took off to various errand to 1) buy ingredients for making soap 2) get a prescription filled 3) buy food. When I got back we pretty much just turned around and headed to Cathy's for cards, where a grand total of five of us made a night of Rikiki, 5 handed Euchre, and Hearts. It was pretty fun but I got tired early, which is good when you consider that I want to be into work early so I can cut out to get the mini-surgery thing done on my leg.

Last night we did absolutely nothing after we came back from walking the dogs around the Lincoln Park beach, which was the absolute highlight of the day. Worthy Opponent got sucked into Pattern Recognition (I finished it yesterday) and basically, that was the night. I unfortunately have no such all-absorbing book right now, but I certainly have plenty to choose from so I'll see if I can find a better candidate that the Jo Clayton book I'm half-heartedly picking at now.

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