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Movie seen, but I've moved on to Butt Rock

I came home today and found a giant box sitting on the porch. I mean, really, REALLY big, so big I could almost ... well, no, it was so big I could NOT get around it to open the door, I had to open the door reaching OVER the box and then push the box through. I was disappointed to find that, despite its size, it did not contain any of my friends from London. I'm sure they would have easily fit inside, and thanks to the Velvet Underground I've learned not to poke such boxes with sharp sticks.

The movie tonight (Purple Butterfly) was somewhat disappointing ... it had moments of cinematographic delight (a man sitting next to a window, with curtains flapping in pushed by the wind; on the window ledge, two jars covered in raindrops, each with a single butterfly inside), but had an utterly bizarre timeline - basically, people kept getting shot and then showing up again, and I wasn't able to figure out if it was an actual flashback or a different kind of story-telling device, such as an alternate future or a "this dead person is a symbol of many other people, some of whom continue living." The ending, with war footage from the Japanese invasion of Shanghai and of Nanjing was pretty chilling, especially when they were burying people who were clearly still alive. Brrrr. Who needs tsunamis when we've got people?

Finally ... whatever disappointments I might have had about the movie will be quickly forgotten tomorrow, when I go to Buttrock Suites II: Sweeter, a series of short modern dance pieces set to heavy metal. I laughed so hard the last time I went that I wouldn't miss this one for the world. 8 PM at Velocity: see you there!
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