Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Catch up (lest I get in a day without more than one post)

Although work yesterday was actually fun and kept me very busy, somehow my nap ruined my mood and left me feeling ... I don't know, bereft, withdrawn. The Buttrock Dance Suites at Velocity were hysterical, a cure for most of what ails modern dance (a personal favorite was the trio of girls dancing to the Joan Jett medley - they were so bad ass!). It's playing one last night tomorrow (Sunday) at 8 PM, go see it if you can. Despite the righteously earned laughs, I was still blue afterwards and hoped maybe a full night's sleep would fix things. But it didn't. So for some odd reason I decided to dump my blue mood on wechsler, given that LJ downage was leaving me feeling totally disconnected from the world anyway ... and somehow over the course of a very long phone call (two actually) I finally got out of my dumps.

Evening, shadowdaddy had a meeting for the show he's lighting next week in Chinatown, so I decided to go to Pioneer Square (mmm, walking in the sleet!) and shop for a calendar at Elliott Bay books (after jazzing up with some chai at Zeitgeist). Miraculously, I did not buy any books at all, though we did leave with five calendars between the two of us. We ran home to change clothes, then I waited in line at Via Tribunali (very appropriately dressed in my Mad Scientist outfit) while shadowdaddy went to fetch butterbee and Eli to have Gen You Whine Eye Talian style pizza with us. And it was great! Of course it wasn't so great when I dropped a slice I'd cut off for the Bee in my Cosmo, but I figure I need to play Shemp at least once a week or I'll lose my touch.

Afterwards we all went to corvuscrx and butterflake's place. corvuscrx had been a total sweetheart and printed up a copy of the ultra sexy Puerto Rico board this crazed Rico fan had put online for me. Wow! I was all ready to start playing. Even poh found it overcoming his general disinclination to play the "barrel" game. I was sad I wouldn't be playing with them tomorrow, but we're having dinner at irrationalrobot's place ... and somehow I feel sure the games will be in the cards (as it were) anyway!
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