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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

I am back to leading my completely normal life. Darn.

Today just couldn't be described as anything else than quiet. Up too early for my taste, cooked huevos rancheros, read the Sunday paper, did some gardening (since it wasn't sleeting today). Pilates this afternoon was tremendously fun - it both centers me in my body and makes me forget about my brain. We did quite well despite our three week hiatus, and I swear I'm starting to get too small for my workout clothes.

Afterwards we hit the Safeway, and once we got home with the goods I got to work making the dessert I'd promised to bring with us to my brother's house. The lack of fresh fruit threw me at the mercy of my freezer, yet somehow I was able to pull together a "buckle" (kind of like a wet coffee cake) out of the combined genius of the Joy of Cooking and the evil machinations of the part of my brain that enjoys culinary scheming. Why the heck don't I bake more? It's a hell of a lot of fun. I was flashing back to all the blue-ribbon baking I did back in Girl Scouts and during all those summers at my grandma's house in Kansas (entering them in the Johnson County Fair), getting through ever so many recipes in a short period of time so I could get them all into the judges' hall on schedule. Ah, if my friends could see me now ... I still have the ribbons in some box somewhere. It's strange to remember that part of my life today.

We made it in good time to my brother's house, where his wife had very obligingly made us supper (Guinness beef stew, yum!). After we ate we played the game of Bohnanza that I'd bought him for Christmas; it was pretty fun and about at the right intellectual level for my poor addled brain. The two of them have decided to get to work on the baby thing. It's kind of weird for me, seeing my friends kind of drop out of circulation, mostly permanently, once they truly embark on this journey, but at least for Mr. and Mrs. irrationalrobot I know they'll still be making some time for us in their lives. (Oh yeah, and I won the game but the score was close enough that I mostly ascribe it to luck.)

My apologies to those I did not call this weekend, specifically narnee and ergotia. I squandered my time well but I think I should have squandered some of it with you before it became too late for me to call with any degree of confidence.

And I've worked out my schedule for the week, which I'll be posting here as I am anticipating being busy at work.
Monday: Ukelooza after work, hopefully with butterbee. shadowdaddy will be in tech.
Tuesday: shadowdaddy still busy. I'll go to the Y at 5:30 for Pilates, then probably stay home and work on my New Year's resolution (getting an application in to write at the Stranger).
Wednesday: I'm staying at work until 7, then probably will just collapse at home, unless some people are maybe dying for a round of Puerto Rico.
Thursday: my idea is Y and a movie, though the movie thing is TBA and I'm open to suggestions.
Friday: jaquelea's White Elephant party.
Saturday: PM, scarlettina's MS furlough party. Day free, will doubtlessly fill up.
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