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Ukelooza. And my name is Inigo Montoya. Prepare to die, shortly after dinner is served!

Just tried my hand at making Chile Caribe for the first time. The ingredients are: dried red chile pods. And enough water to make a paste. Wow. It's completely deadly and absolutely looks it. I suspect the Zuni dipped their arrows into it before they went into battle. Of course, with a little garlic and oregano, it's suddenly irrisistably tasty, making it possible to defeat enemies by merely serving them dinner. I've got a pork shoulder marinating in it overnight - now all I'll need tomorrow is a victim. Of course, tonight's challenge is going to be getting my contact lenses out without blinding myself.

I was a Uke-looza tonight! About sixty people made it to the ReBar for installment four in the Ukelooza series. Sarah Rudinoff was a delightful host, and Brett a fine auctioneer, so good in fact that I went home with two passes for Theater Schmeater's season (five great plays!) and a pass for the Capitol Hill Arts Center's season (three great plays!), though not the six month pass to the Northwest Film Forum (got a little spendy at over $100). I maintained a table all by myself all night, though I did get Brett to do the twist with me during the final triumphant all-ukelele sing-along "Twist and Shout."

Rather habitually, I wrote down the names of the performers and the songs they did, though not the monologues that Sara did between acts. Here's the set list:
Eric Ray Anderson: "She Said" and a lullaby "A Melancholy Proposition" (original) - the second was really cute and funny.
"Antoinette:" "Only the Good Die Young" (she had a great voice!)
Cecelia Frye and Bruce Hall: a piano accompanied (no ukelele) semi-interpretive comic dance/singing of "Old Mill Stream." Some people liked this but I didn't buy it.
John Ackermann: "When It Rains in the Middle of the Ocean" (original, will be performing in his next play) and "Mae West"
Sarah Rudinoff and John Ackerman: "Princess Papoote's Papaya" (this was so a ukelele song)
Jeffrey Cook as "Earl Tuscalulu:" "Keep on the Sunny Side" (a sing-along!) and "Country Roads" (we all sang along very quietly even though he didn't ask. I think the drinks were talking!)
Antoinette (again): "Make Yourself Comfortable," which I think is a song from the 20s and was just hysterical.
Matt Smith: a preview of his play "My Boat to Bainbridge"
Sari Breznau (of Circus Contraption!): "Climb Up My Tower" and "It's Been Good to Know You"

Of course, I thought there should of been more people there ... but not everyone has as highly developed a sense of irony as I do. Ah well! Maybe next year ...
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