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Day three, tolietries

It's 8:30 or so. Worthy O has jury duty today, so we walked downtown together. I was pleased to see that Planet Java is still open under the old Acadio offices on Main. They make a very nice chai (Morning Glory of course) there. My old frequent buyer card seems to have wandered off, though.

Our outing last night was fairly successful, featuring *Cathy!*, *Stephanie!*, *shadowdaddy!*, miss_villanelle!* and companion, and my brother and his girlfriend. Wings isn't a bad movie, although a long one, but I found myself feeling distressed through most of the scenes that featured people killing each other. It's set in World War I, and while the Germans are nominally "the bad guys," when the guys were running from one trench to another they all looked the same, and that in my mind captured why the whole thing was just so tragic. I wonder if audiences in the 20s found it easy to feel joy when people they thought were Germans were being killed, and I wonder if maybe war movies have gotten out of touch with the senseless slaughter. I just imagined all of those Iraqi guys getting killed, fathers and husbands and sons, and some dumb Americans getting all "yee haw" watching them die. It was depressing. The ending, to me, did kind of put a spotlight on the danger of blind hatred, which was some consolation. I did enjoy when the lead character discovered his best friend dying on a French farmstead and someone in the audience said, "Rosebud!"


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Apr. 1st, 2003 11:53 am (UTC)
I felt the same way! I couldn't tell which soldiers were on which side and it just seemed like everyone was killing everyone. Of course, considering a huge percentage of soldiers are killed by "friendly fire," I guess it really is that way out there. I had a hard time with the dehumanizing aspect of the movie (Germans are bad, Americans are good) and the audience clapping when a German plane was shot down irked me. Since I had family fighting on the German side in WWII, I guess it's just hard to be that happy about them getting killed. They were fighting for their "leader" just like our troops are today, whether right or not. I was also glad that they ended it the way they did. I hope it made some people think!
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