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Thank God I've been hanging out with my meat friends lately

I feel like I'm rambling on at no purpose on LJ the last couple of days. It was better when I didn't write as a form of interaction with other people; then I didn't feel disappointed when I threw my bottles in the ocean and the disappeared forever. Maybe I write too much. Maybe my entries are too long. Maybe I need to go back to just writing in my diary.

So ... I saw a cool movie and a fantastic art exhibit that I'd love to encourage people to go see, but it seems pointless to write about either (or the party I went to) since I'm just talking to myself. Given that that's the case, I'm going to go read a book and then go to bed.

Update: HAH! I lied and read LJ for twenty minutes right after I posted (new addition to flist) but will now honestly and truly be retreating to the comfort of a trashy SF novel.
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