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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Okay, you win, I'll post!

Note to the Japanese lady who donated all the great leather skirts to the Seattle Goodwill: can you please gain some weight this year so that the next time you purge your closet some of your clothes will fit me? Note to the manufacturers of America: please, please, please stop making sweaters out of acrylic. Artificial fabrics should be the exception, not the rule, when I'm digging through racks of clothing. Note to the woman who donated the red cashmere twinset to the Value Village and actually managed to keep the cardigan and the sweater together: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I can't believe I got this for $6!!!!

We went to Linda's for breakfast today ... our first meal out all weekend. Linda's is a western-themed bar full of mounted animal heads and antlers, vintage posters, and heavy furniture, all under an atmospheric beamed ceiling and fake-oil-lamp chandeliers. It's always full of Capitol Hill hipsters with unusual haircuts and just-right wardrobes of band t-shirts mixed with vintage this 'n that, who I'm sure enjoy the bar for the irony factor, which is heightened by an always perfect musical mix, consisting today of Flaming Lips, Elvis, and Built to Spill. shadowdaddy got "The Bullrider" (chicken fried steak, hash browns, two eggs, and gravy), and I got some incredible blueberry/chambord blintzes ... yum! On the way back to the car we did some thrift shopping, which was, in my mind, most successful.

I was going to get some work in this afternoon but I'm really just too tired to do anything before Pilates rolls around at 3 PM. I had abandonment dreams two nights in a row, keeping me from sleeping well. What is my subconscious trying to tell me? Part of me think it's the trauma of last year, part of me figures it's some kind of left-over crap from my childhood ... whatever, I'll process it when I'm better rested and see if there's any useful messages for the present bubbling up with this goo.

On to my nap, and I promise I'll write about the movies I saw and the great art exhibit at the Western Wall in the next day or two. Thank you everyone for letting me know you do actually read my stuff - it really does make me much more interested in writing if there's someone out there to look at what I put out.
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