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Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream. Any dream. I'm not picky.

While today may still be a twelve hour work day, it will not be from 9 AM to 9 PM as, behold, I am still at home. I got to sleep late (thanks to doing "volunteer work" on a website), then woke up at two AM and was ... up. LA LA LA I am not sleeping damnit! Finally got in some Zs on the couch ... I'm also noting that there's a knot the size of the 520/405 interchange between my shoulderblades, which I'm convinced was brought on my a move we did yesterday in Pilates called "The Tower." ("Okay, lay on your back with your head toward the vertical bars and grasp the bars for balance ... put your feet on the horizontal, spring-loaded bar ... now roll up from your waist so that you're resting (*is this possible?*) on your shoulders with your feet over your head ... GO! GO! GO!") I didn't HURT myself, but I do this to RELEASE tension!

It's supposed to be sunny today, maybe I can go for a walk on the campus up the hill from work.
Tags: insomnia, pilates
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