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Per my count, I'm 2/3 through the test case writing part

Hmm ... I labeled all of the test points and came up with 100 last night. Right now I'm at test 67. Why is it that it looks to me like the author of this spec started to experience fatigue at this point, too?

Looks like I'll be rolling in late tomorrow, but I'd like to have at least one coherent hour to review this thing before I present it.

Did you know I'm a procrastinator? It's true! I like to say that I work well under pressure. The obverse is that without pressure, I am prone to lay around like a big lazy cat that's found a sunny spot on a windowsill.

I'm also tired. I'll try to make this my last post of the night, as I am drifting into incoherence. I'm sure that by the time people get around to reading the tests I wrote at this point in the process they'll be slack-jawed and drooling just a little bit, too.
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