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First Ozu film, one week from tomorrow

I'll try to restrain myself from posting today so those that need to can see this. (Yeah, and there's the fact that I've got a big presentation today, and did I mention the last two days that I've had a cold coming on? No? Well, that's because I've been too busy to be sick. *hack hack*)

Next Thursday, February 3rd, is the first day of the Ozu festival. They will be showing I Was Born, But ..., a silent comedy that will be performed with a live score. Here's the synopsis: When Yoshi moves into his boss's neighborhood, his two young children find themselves mercilessly bullied. They fight back, claiming inspiration from their authoritarian father, only to be shocked one day when they observe his obsequious manner in front of his boss. Determined to rid him of his self-demeaning ways, the boys go on a hunger strike.

I'll be buying tickets tonight for myself and shadowdaddy. Speak up if you want me to get a ticket for you! As for the rest of the series ... I'll be posting my schedule for it tomorrow.
Tags: japanese cinema, ozu
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