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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Review of Kitano's Dolls, and nightcap

Dolls was a great flick in my book. Of course, I like my movies slow and quiet. It opened with a deliciously performed Bunraku scene about two lovers, then moved into the main film, which seemed to me a meditation on the ephemeral nature of life, as seen through the prism of the separated lovers. The message, to me, was that you must seize the joy that is offered to you while you can, for life is evanescent (cue Flaming Lips "Do You Realize"); but maybe a truly Japanese interpretation is Life Is Sad, Happiness Is Fleeting, We're All Screwed. The cinematography was outstanding, but I did get the giggles that Kitano could not resist throwing just a little bit of Yakuza into the storyline. It's going for one more night at the NW Film Forum: don't miss it.

We were joined for the movie by butterbee and (surprise!) gkr, whom I invited spontaneously via YIM right before leaving. Afterwards we all went out to Mesob and pigged out on Ethiopian food and chatted. Once I got home, I neglected to do the web site updates I was planning in favor of chatting at length with narnee, which was great fun ... but now it's late *yawn.*
Tags: japanese cinema, movies, reviews
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