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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

I was heading out to get coffee (well, a cup of tea)

.... and I discovered I'd missed some kind of message about an all-hands meeting. But there the buses were, waiting for us in the middle of the road. I had my bag with me anyway, so that was convenient. I was ready to go somewhere.

The buses didn't go to the Convention Center, however, they kept heading across the bridge, all the way into Seattle and across town to the shores of Puget Sound. They let us out in West Seattle near the ferry terminal. Below the bluffs of the park (I always forget what it is named), all of these kayaks were lined up on the pebbly beach. Cool, a team building exercise with kayaks! I grabbed a PFD, a paddle, a spray skirt, and one of the few singles and got in the water. It's a little cold for boating today, but not really a problem!

What's crazy though is that they thought we could all paddle over to Vashon Island, which isn't so far if you're on the ferry but which is a long damn drip when you're under human power. And no one bothered to explain to anyone about the currents, how there's one that will basically just send you round and round the island with no hope of getting back to the mainland.

So here I am, writing from my little boat, long separated from my group, but with plenty of time to type this all in my cellphone, which doesn't seem to be able to actually call anyone right now. The water is deceptively calm and I seem to have drifted into a fog bank. A cute little fish just decided to beach himself in my lap, and I can see him gasping for air. Or maybe he's talking. I swear he's saying, "Can you hear me now?"
Tags: dreams, i'm a freak, insomnia, kayaking, surrealism
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