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Review of Fear and Trembling

After reading the Guardian's final installment on relationships yesterday (it was on office politics), I was in a very receptive mood for seeing Fear and Trembling, the movie that's been showing this week at the Grand Illusion. It's about a Belgian woman who moves to Japan in fulfillment of a lifelong dream of living like a Japanese person. But every step of the way, she violates the social norms of the office ... or so read the description on their website.

What I saw was someone who was very like me in my early 20s: full of potential, really wanting to do good, amazingly clueless. As she confronted her boss ... whom she imagined to be her friend ... in a righteous, white-hot rage, I saw myself mirrored over and over again. The constant not quite getting the office culture; the confusion about the expectations I was trying to meet; the degradation of the soul that happens when one is assigned work that you are dumb enough to do instead of work that you are smart enough to do. Her flights of fancy as she attempted to escape her prison all rang familiar, too.

This movie was not just about Japan. I left it feeling oddly quiet. butterbee and shadowdaddy must have been shocked.
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