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*hack hack hack* I'd like to thank the members of the Academy

I officially declare that I am not going out tonight, as I am still sick. BAH!

And I had better be better by tomorrow, as we have people coming over in the evening for food and games!


By the way, Harrod's tea sucks (well, at least their Darjeeling FTGFOP #26 is a dog), and Fortnum and Mason's is way overpriced (not that it isn't good quality, it's just marked up to high heaven and I ain't just talking the exchange rate here, folks). If you want some good tea while you're in England, go to Whittard's in Covent Garden and get some bagged loose tea off of the second floor. Of course, if you want bagged tea ... well, gee, Harrod's is just dandy, but perhaps you should consider Lipton instead.
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