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Schedule for the week of January 31st

Cold and all, this is what I've got planned for this week.

Monday, Jan 31: Guy Maddin's Cowards Bend the Knee at 7:45 the NW Film Forum. "The closest the cinema has ever come to reproducing the twisted logic of dreams" and a must-see.
Tuesday Jan ... wait, make that Feb 1: dinner with jaquelea at the Old Szechuan (that should burn out the rest of the cold!)
Wednesday: the voice lesson I had to put off due to the cold, on what I'm hoping will be my regular night
Thursday: first night of Ozu festival: the silent I Was Born, But.. with shadowdaddy and live koto accompaniment
Friday: second night of Ozu festival: There Was a Father, with above guest plus varina8
Saturday: slap me but I'm going to the ballet. Casting is up for the all-Stravinsky show and they've got Arianna (Lallone, my favorite ballerina), Kaori (Nakamura), and Louise (Nadeau) on a friggin' matinee cast. 2 PM, Seattle Center/McCaw hall, I'll be there. I can't wait to see their Rite of Spring! (Ooh, and I could go to the Tet celebration at the Seattle Center at the same time ...)
Sunday: Ozu festival, Tokyo Twilight, while shadowdaddy is in tech for the opera. I'm thinking the 2:30 show. Any takers?
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