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Day five, coffee mug (late!), dried apples, disk with good docs on it

My Single Early tulips are starting to bloom - I saw Christmas Marvel and Purple Prince getting going in the back yard. Yay!

It's going to be a busy day at work ... I have to test our software on about thirty browser/OS combinations, with flash updates to each, and I have to do this while the dope across the cube provides me minute by minute Iraq updates, all delivered gleefully. I've got my headphones on now and even did the "LA LA LA!" with my hands over my ears when he started going on about it.

The board meeting last night was pleasant. Everyone showed up, and they all liked the location I picked (the Pamama Hotel Tearoom). I got lots of good feedback about my work over the course of the year, which was super nice, and we made some headway planning for the post-concert reception for the last show of the year (Academy of Ancient Music). Afterwards I went to Mesob and played Mah Jong, and I managed to go out completely concealed on a tile thrown off by Matt. It was cool. (Oh, and hi, Cathy, it was fun to see you last night!)

I got the The Stranger this morning on my walk downtown (with Worthy Opponent, who has his last day of jury duty today) and saw that About Schmidt and Far From Heaven were starting at the Crest tomorrow (kind of your Academy Awards backwash). What with Cowboy Bebop playing at the Varsity at the same time, it's going to be a week with too many movie choices.
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