Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Dogged / food

Huh, I'm getting dogged for dinner tonight, but s'okay, it looks like I need to stay here at work until 6 anyway and what with the need to take the dogs out before I went out the whole thing was looking like a big scheduling problem, and the No Dinner option seems much cheaper and less stressful to boot. Dim sum was fun anyway: I got one of my coworkers to come with me and Worthy O. We got (cue 12 Days of Christmas): steamed BBQ pork Han Bow, boiled pork dumplings, beef rice noodle crepes, super sugar ribs, black bean ribs, flaky BBQ pork pastry, and honey pecan shrimp for the guys. Also we ordered some little custard tarts, since Missy Sleen got me all hot for them last week. They were just a little bit warm and GOOOOOOD! Afterwards we took Coworker over to Gossip for some bubble tea since he'd never tried it before. What a fun lunch!

Hopefully we'll still go to the art museum or see a movie or something: I don't really care. W.O. made it through all three days without getting picked for the jury, so he's going to go home for the PM, pick up for the appraiser, and go buy baseball tickets before picking me up this evening.

I've got a lot to work to do so it's OVER and OUT for now!
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