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I feel like my whole life for the next six months has been worked out

I got the audition information in the mail today from the Seattle Gilbert and Sullivan society. Wow! I felt little icy fingers clench around my heart when I read the schedule. Thank goodness they aren't doing tryouts for the chorus until mid-March ... there is no way I would be ready if I had to do it in February. If I get accepted, I would have rehearsals three nights a week from April through late June, with just a couple of weekends off for major holidays. Then it would be balls to the wall, with opening night July 15th and the last show July 31st.

I wonder if I'll make it? It would keep me home quite effectively (no big trips) through the final performance ... kind of a scary thought to have such a big commitment, though I was going to be stuck here June and July anyway entertaining relatives. (Actually, I told shadowdaddy last night I could clear out of here in a mere two months if I had a job offer - it just seems hard to imagine things working that fast.)

And the show they're doing this year is Patience. That's pretty funny, given I don't have any and working on this show would require me to wait, wait, wait.

I've overextended myself tonight again ... met fruity_goodness and ookla at the Comet at 6, came up with the fabulous idea of having Thanksgiving in February this Saturday (she loves turkey and my brother made me get my extra one out of his freezer tonight), foolishly agreed to walk over to Broadway to run a little shopping errand I'd been putting off ('cause that copy of Office Smack ain't doing me no good sitting in MY living room, but it wasn't traveling without its newly purchased friend), and found myself completely worn out yet obligated to go pick up said turkey. Luckily ... Mrs. irrationalrobot (who will get the joke that is my new icon) had made a double sized batch of chicken parmigiana, which was just coming out of the oven when we showed up. Yay! Now if only I didn't have to clean the upstairs AND AND AND ... ugh, I just want to go to bed!
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