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Saw the first Ozu movie move - "I Was Born, But ..."

After spending the last three hours at work running around like a chicken with my head cut off, shadowdaddy met me at the late bus and we went to see the first Ozu movie at the Northwest Film Forum. It was packed, unsurprisingly after it had received coverage in both local dailies and The Stranger, and I'm glad we were a little late. The movie was good, a little longer feeling than I expected. The big surprise was watching the 8 year old protagonist denounce his dad as a nobody right at the end of the movie; it was really one of the most horrible things I'd ever seen on film. I felt it right in my gut. I guess that means it was a good movie, then, because I'd completely lost my distance from the characters and it all felt real.

I'm going to try hard to do nothing for the next hour or so and see if I can go to work well-rested tomorrow. Perhaps I'll finally get to finish that Jo Clayton book I've been working on for the last month.
Tags: japanese cinema, ozu
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