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Tokyo Story Review

We went with varina8 tonight to see Tokyo Story, film two of the Ozu festival. The movie's left me feeling melancholy for a variety of reasons. First, it reminded me of my grandmother and how much I still miss her, three years later. Second, some of the dialogue was pretty crushing, such as when the youngest daughter asks her (widowed) sister in law, after seeing what jerks her brothers and sister have turned out to be, if life is "really so disappointing" (and of course is told yes). Third ... it just reminded me so much of how people take living for granted and treat people callously because they think there will always be a tomorrow. Me, I (think I? try to?) treat people like they are precious to me. I want to be sure that the people I love never spend so much as a day thinking that I've forgotten about them.

Yeah. Anyway, it was good. Tomorrow we're having people over around lunch time for Thanksgiving in February, and I have fond hopes that the turkey shaped block of ice I now have thawing in the sink will be much squishier by the time I wake up in the morning.
Tags: japanese cinema, ozu
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