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Schedule for the week

This is going to be another one of those fast ones. We already did Pilates and a movie (Record of a Tenement Gentleman) tonight, and it's just Monday. shadowdaddy is in tech this week (starting tomorrow) then working a show this weekend, so I'll get a lot of time to myself to see movies and generally raise hell. But I don't have to do this by myself ... speak up for any of the shows or movies, I'd love a guest! (I'm also down with raising hell, just throw a suggestion my way.)

Tomorrow: spend night writing my new Tablet Magazine article, due Wednesday.
Wednesday: Grand Illusion to see Untold Scandal, a Korean version of Les Liasons Dangereuse. It's going to be tight to make it to a 6:30, but I can do it!
Thursday: I'm going to try to be hardcore and see two movies in one night, the first a silent (Woman of Tokyo) with live accompaniment, the second, Autumn Afternoon, the director's very last movie (and my only chance to see it).
Friday: shadowdaddy's show opens, John Blow's Venus and Adonis presented by the Early Music Guild at ACT Theater. I'm going with Cathy and butterflake since shadowdaddy's running lights during the show.
Saturday: Chinese New Year celebration in Chinatown (with shadowdaddy, and hopefully fruity_goodness and ookla). Night, trip to Pacific NW Ballet for the all-Stravinsky program. Need date. (xxxlibris, I volunteer you, since I know at least that you'd like to go even though you can't fly up here to do it.)
Sunday: hang with kafuela, not sure when.

Tonight we were shocked to stop into CHAC and see FOUR people we knew - rwx, Mike SpamHell, my former coworker (and Burner, and Guerilla Masquerader) Joey, and ... Katie somebody from way back in the distant past. Also, the bar was packed. C'mon, folks, it's a Monday in Seattle, don't you know you're already supposed to be in bed? We got a party invite from Joey for Friday, so I think we'll be stopping by.

And ... happiness is putting on my beat up thrift store sweats and my Comet hoodie and going to Pilates. Yay!
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