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Endless seconds tick by. The minutiae of existence

I fled the boring day at work for the haven of the Y and sixty minutes of getting lost in the complexities of body, breath, and balance. I went from there to the library, hoping to find a score and recording of Patience, succeeding also in procuring a book of short stories by Gene Wolfe; a graphic novel called How Loathesome; two CDs of classic (dark) ballads of Britain, one of Rameau's Platee; and something by a woman I sincerely hope is a Fado singer.

After a delicious open-faced turkey sandwich, I got to work on my story, or, in this case, interviewing xxxlibris over the phone, which only served to 1) make me wish I'd spent more time with her over New Year's 2) make me miss my London friends (we could at least commiserate on this). Now it's time for writing ...
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