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A completely marvellous Saturday, wich cabbage and chocolate

It has been an utterly fantastic day, from the very "getting out of bed super late" start. We did make it to Jackson in time to see the lion dancers going at it, right in the middle of the block - deafening firecrackers, billowing smoke, and little bits of red paper in my hair. I thought it was great how the last thing they'd do was get the envelope of lucky money from the doorway of each of the shops they were performing in front of. Me, I went and spent some lucky money on some pretty earrings, under the "it's Valentine's day and who do you love, baby?" rubrik. The shopkeeper was highly pleased with my choice of "Chinese bag" (silk with zipper) to put my star twinkle in: "Red for good luck!"

We were of course late getting to Pilates, but it was a pretty good workout - I'll spare the details - and then we achieved unity with the infinite and were immediately seated for a spontaneous brunch ("Hmm, doesn't that look good? Hey, why don't we eat?") at Crave, which never happens, because there's always a line. Always. Then it turns out not only that they've put green chile home fries with cheddar on the menu, BUT they're serving Morning Glory chai, AND (should I buy a lottery ticket?) they were playing Hunky Dory on the stereo. All that and a window view outside? It was heaven.

Things continued to be utterly stellar as we went to Chinatown, got the last remaining 2 hour parking spot in the entire neighborhood without fuss, then trotted down King Street to find ... another set of lion dancers! These were red/black and green/yellow, a different kung fu club, and we got to see them toss the cabbage back and forth to each other for what was apparently their last stop of the day. And when we made it to Union Station, I kid you not, Starbucks was giving away free samples of their new hot chocolate in perfectly sized little cups. What more can go right today? Can I take this day and put it in a little box and look at it forever?
Tags: life is a cabaret, pilates, 新年快樂
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