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It's midnight, and I'm home in my sweats, have been for over an hour. I'm listening to Gilbert and Sullivan's Patience, waiting for the bit to come up that I'm supposed to use for my audition. Yep, that's right, I'm home on a Saturday night listening to comic opera. But wait, it gets better, or it will, because I'm going to make myself a root beer float in a bit.

shadowdaddy, he's off seing some band I've never heard of (The Mountain Goats for you hipsters out there). I did attempt to raise my personal hipness quotient by buying a copy of an album by a band I heard on KEXP last week (LCD Soundsystem, and no, I don't know anything about them), but it looks like it's not out yet, so it's Gilbert and Sullivan for me tonight.

The ballet tonight was outstanding. You can't go wrong with Stravinsky. Kent tried, and made a sappy mush of "The Firebird" (please, how can they possibly consider excising the passion between the Prince and the Firebird a good idea?). I noted, as usual, the scene set in hell was far more interesting than the rest of the ballet, especially the goody-goody bit at the end. "Apollo" was a well-executed Balanchine museum-piece, quite enjoyable despite its age and delightful in the way it showed Kent's style as the watered-down, derivative excuse for choreography that it is. The various pas de quatre with Apollo and the muses were delightful, and really showed the continuity in his style over the decades.

Ah, but the "Rite of Spring." I suspect I've never seen this done as a dance before, and not heard it live, either; the almost sub-audible rumble of the drums at one point was unfamiliar and made me think I've been listening to inferior recordings. My hair stood a bit on end from the first sinister notes of the oboe, and the tension continued throughout the piece. When the "victim" was hoisted from the stage in the final moment as if being crucified, a man to my right shouted, "Yes!" and his unrehearsed enthusiasm matched my own. What an incredible work of choreography: go Glen Tetley! I'd see it again if it were possible.
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