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Wow, it's all laid out in black and white

Look, the Seattle Times has done an article about why Seattle sucks why Seattle has left me so empty after such a long time here. "Seattle: A City of Warm Smiles and Cold Shoulders." It's nice to hear I'm not the only one that finds it's nearly impossible to achieve true intimacy here - that you just keep bouncing off of people's polite shells. "After a series of squirmy rebuffs, she realized that when Seattleites say, "Let's do something sometime," what they really mean is: 'Let's never do anything ever.' " It does leave me a lot of room to be Julie, Your Cruise Director, but sometimes I want to get invitations in return. I don't want it to be all me; I want other people reaching back.

Waitaminnit, I can't just let this statement sit. butterbee, kafuela, butterflake,corvuscrx, wingedelf, fruity_goodness, jaquelea, stolen_tea, jadine, m_cobweb ... and that's off ot the top of my head ... you've either reached out or reached back. So thanks to all of you (and the people that I didn't get off of the top of my head) for making Seattle suck less.
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