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Just a final hit of the LJ pipe for tonight

stolen_tea gave me the most fantastic compliment in his journal. Wow!

I spent the day in the company of good people. The voice lesson was fun today - we got started on the audition piece from Patience and I feel like I'll be solid by March 20th. Then I dashed home, grabbed some snacks, and went to kafuela's house to kidnap her for the afternoon. We had a great chat as we strolled around Discovery Park over the next two hours, which went from the splendor of rain shimmering over Eagle Harbor - the pine trees on the water's edge seeming to leap into the sky - to the unsurprising arrival of cold and wet as we walked along the north side of the point and then back up the bluffs. Brrrr!

Dinner was with shadowdaddy and at Tandoor, and then it was Donkey Skin at the Varsity with varina8 and stolen_tea (for a group of five). The movie was a real spectacle in the Jacques Demy style, but when the prince and Donkey Skin started singing about "enjoying all the forbidden pleasures - going to snack carts!" and then smoking up in a swan-shaped boat, the audience just lost it for the rest of the movie. I enjoyed it a lot, but then I've always been attracted to sparkly stuff, not to mention Oompa Loompas, cooking with your doppelganger, and horses that have been dyed bright red.

Tomorrow ... I'm the worst valentine either, I've apparently given up on the holiday (cards? gifts? what?) and have not a pinch of romantic sentiment in my body, but I have made plans for us to go to a restaurant that I really like and see a movie I'm sure I'll enjoy, and if making sure your valentine has no cares in the world (like figuring out how to make me happy) isn't thoughtful, then what is?
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