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The Most Romantic Valentine's Dinner Ever ... if you like ... spam

We arrived at Osteria La Spiga typically late for our 6:30 reservations. After shadowdaddy came in from parking the car and sat down, the waiter approached our table. "You do know we're doing a prix fixe meal tonight."
"Yes, we're looking forward to it."
"It's all seafood."
"Uh ... what? I don't eat seafood."
Oh ... the tizzy that ensued. I asked him to tell me about the menu. Clams and squid, squid and scallops, fish fish clams and fish. I heard: "Clams, bacon, squid, and bruschetta; shrimp, scallops, and spam gratin; potato soup with mussels, spam fettucine, and SPAM; spam spam spam and spam lasagna; and to top it off, a big slice of SPAM!"

Yet, as if a miracle, the owner fussed and fretted because he recognized us and he did not want to send us away even though absolutely nothing was prepared that was not on the night's special menu. A very long, many backs-and-forths-to-the-kitchen interval later, we had two glasses of complimentary champagne and a promise that they would take care of me. And they did; I had a six course meal of which every single thing was prepared just and especially for me.

Wow. Talk about feeling special. I'd list everything they made but instead I'll just say it was lovely.

Mmm, afterwards (much, much later, we missed the movie) we went to Twice Sold Tales and I bought Red Mars per the recommendation I received today, as well as a book by John Crowley of Little, Big fame. It's called Beasts, and the back cover promises "the story of of Painter - part lion, part human, part something never imagined by the genetic engineers who created his kind - the woman who loved him, and the men who risked their lives for his freedom." I'd say I'd try to get them both read in the next three weeks, but for some reason I've remembered that I have John Varley's new book waiting for me and it simply must be started tonight, while shadowdaddy combs my hair and generally acts like (to quote the Orb) "the best boyfriend a girl could ever have." I'll never understand what he sees in me but I'm grateful in my ignorance anyway.
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