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This will be a day of Top Bug goodness

RainierLakeWashington (10k image)Alright, I've already been here for an hour ... and I'm going to make this a brilliant day of work. 80% of the people I work with are gone, and I have no meetings (wait, one - but I missed it, oops, thank goodness it was optional) today, so I can crank out on the test cases like there's no tomorrow. Basically, I can get an entire week's worth of work done in one day, and that's my plan, Stan. I only wish I could go out to lunch at some yummy Eastside Indian food joint, like Mayuri or Kanishka, because today I've got the car and I've got the time. I do, however, have a Banh Mi order in from the "Autobánh Mì" DL, so my lunch is covered at this point. I'd just like it better if it involved some spicy hot curry and a nice cup of chai.

Oh yes, and the person I need to talk to at the UK office had already (and most sensibly) gone home for the day by the time I called. Perhaps I'll try again Monday AM. It would be super sweet if I could get an interview in while I was there.

And the picture? That's what it looks like outside today, what I see from the bus on my way into work, and what I'd be missing if I moved. But it's just scenery, right? Nonetheless, the best commute view in the US, I think!
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