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From white collar to white trash

It's been a good evening. butterflake and I started out at Pacific Northwest Baroque's all-viola da gamba concert. I had somewhat of a hard time focusing, but did finally lose myself when they started in on the Marais works. Oddly, the Corelli that followed was the best part of the evening, but the lead gamba player seemed to be struggling with the allegro sections. I'd never thought of musicians aching for the slow bits like I imagine dancers do, but tonight I sensed some of the same yearnings for the end of the stretch.

Afterwards I joined butterbee's boy and my own and headed out for some sake at Aoki. We closed them out, then I suddenly got a hankering for pinball ... and B's boy promised there was a bar downtown that had Ripley's Believe it or Not. Off we drove to downtown, where the car as usual landed us a spot just a short walk away. The bar, Sophie's, had a place in the back called the Rainbow Room that reminded me of the gay bars I used to go to when I was in high school, only with a truly tremendous view over Elliot Bay. I got a little melancholy looking at the pretty lights, having sake-fueled "wish you were here" moments, but mostly I just enjoyed the game and managed to shake it on the dance floor while I was waiting for my turn to come up.

Now home, and I find I'm playing therapist and best friend to shadowdaddy. I'm sure he's curious about how life could be so damn complicated at his age. Me, I'm curious about whether or not I'll wind up getting called in to do an 8 AM shift tomorrow - with as little sleep as I'll have had it won't be a pretty sight.
Tags: pinball, viola da gamba
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