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SHS: Review of one-on-one class with Max

Okay, so today I had my one-on-one session with Max that I mentioned earlier in the week, which I attended with my volunteer spokes-sub (ropes-model?), K. Max is the guy who taught the Bondage Fundamentals class I took a while ago and is very well-known in the local SM community, and he lives a convenient distance (probably less than a mile) from my house. We started out doing a quick review of the class I took in October, focusing on the knotwork that had slid out of my mind - primarily the fisherman's bend and the taut-line hitch (good for carrying load or attaching to bedposts). We then moved to quick-tying wrists, which was based on doing multiple loops around the wrists with "frapping" in the middle tightening the bonds (and separating the limbs, useful later with ankles).

After this, we moved on to "bondage for immobilization." For this, Max had decided we would do a thigh-to-calf tie in the same manner the wrists had been done earlier, with the wrists attached to the thighs. The thigh work was done with K. kneeling, which was somewhat inconvenient but basically fun, and we tried doing wrists attached to outside of thighs and to inside of thighs to see what the differences were in terms of how much struggling she could do. The great thing was that it was easy to push her over, onto her side or her back, and even drag her around if I'd chosen to do so ... which I liked because it increased the feeling of helplessness but also allowed you to readjust where the sub's weight was.

Next, we decided to do an "intro to suspension," not the three-four hour session he'd consider appropriate to send me off on my own, but enough for me to participate meaningfully and understand most of the safety issue I would need to have in mind. I will have to skip many, many of the details, but hopefully this will cover some of the stuff anyone reading this would be most interested in. Max covered where you want weight to be held, which was, of course, where we tied to the ropes. K. got a chest harness (double loops over and under the breasts), which we tied her arms to and then attached to a giant circular metal loop in the ceiling (to improve her stability) with a tautline hitch. We then added a hip harness (same style as for the breasts, but hard to imagine how to do this well on a boy), thigh bindings (just for the hell of it), and ankle lashing. The hips and thighs were connected (allowing for a failover system on this suspension point), then the two of them were attached to a separate high-load carabiner in the roof beam. Finally we attached the ankles via a taut-line hitch, though the ropes were left at standing length.

Now, K. was instructed to lean forward, and the lines holding her chest were, I believe, loosened up. This left some four strands of line running through the hip harness - set up in a way that enabled the power of the pulley to quadruple our lifting power. Suddenly she was up and flying and shrieking a little bit, and Max and I were tying off the line.

"But what about the legs?" I asked. "Ah," said Max, "now what you've got to remember is how extreme this makes the position, and this has a lot to do with where the weight is being carried. When the legs go UP" (and he illustrated, bending her legs behind her back, making K. shriek most pleasingly), "much more of the weight goes on the chest, which makes it more unpleasant as it becomes harder to breathe."

I'm not really sure how the next half hour went; the legs went up, the legs went down, there were some contortions and discussions of how the different places the weight could be carried changed the experience for the suspended, and how there was no head support but perhaps should be. Then he said, "But what I like to do is to spin them, but we can't because of where the ankles are tied ... though that is easily fixed." Then she was retied and she was spun and I watched as the ropes wrapped around each other, slowly tightening up the entire harness and pulling her legs and torso into a more and more extreme position while she shrieked and shrieked. My, my.

Things all kind of "wound down" after we took her for "one last spin" in the other direction, and we lowered her down (reversing the previous order of tying) onto a leather throw (one entire half cow skin!) and carefully undid all of the loops and ties while she sat there looking utterly happy, even when I went for the obvious and thanked Max for "showing me the ropes." Max gave me lots of props throughout for following good ropes practices (feeling out my line, keeping things even, watching for twisting rope, learning fast), and we both hovered over our darling victim and generally basked in her glow, and I'd say, all things considered, all three of us had a great afternoon.

Man, that was so much fun. I WANT MORE!
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